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I started Simple Products L.L.C. in March of 2010 with our introductory product, “Shagbark” Hickory Syrup. The market was quickly established and it became apparent that once someone tasted the unique flavor of our syrup, it sold itself. Building on that success, we began experimenting with multiple varieties of syrups, all with the stated goal of being produced from ingredients that we either grow or gather from our farm or purchase from other local growers. The result of this endeavor is a line of handcrafted gourmet syrups that  exceed our customers expectations for flavor and freshness. We have produced 22 varieties to date and plan to offer our Hickory syrup year round with seasonal syrups based on the current harvest. Most of our ingredients are organically grown, combined with sparkling well water and sweetened with organic cane juice crystals. No artificial flavors, colors or corn syrup are used. Additional introductions are planned for Spring and Summer of 2011.

Fall 2012
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