Our Shagbark Hickory Syrup is crafted in small batches in Holmes County Ohio. The exfoliating bark of the Shagbark Hickory tree is sustainably harvested from trees that grace our woodland, washed carefully and steeped in pure well water. The extract is then filtered and sweetened with organic cane juice crystals and aged to perfection. The process of making hickory syrup dates back to the Native Americans. Its smoky, nutty flavor is less sweet and more complex than Maple syrup, enjoy!

8 FL OZ   Glass bottle

16 FL OZ   Classic Mason Jar

32 FL OZ   Classic Mason Jar

64 FL OZ   Glass Jug

Our Hickory Syrup can be used anywhere you would use maple syrup.  It also makes a great glaze for meat and seafood, added to stir-fried shrimp or chicken and as an ingredient in homemade BBQ sauce.